Effie Awards




The Grand Effie

The Grand Effie is recognised as the highest accolade 'Best in Show'. The winning campaign will be selected from those campaigns judged as Gold Effie winners.

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The Effective Agency of the Year

This award recognises the most significant contribution made by an advertising agency to the success of their clients in the EffiE Awards. The award is based on the weighted value of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Effie Awards.

The Effective Advertiser of the Year

(There will only be one winner in this category. Please use the specific entry form to enter.)

To celebrate clients who champion effectiveness. Open to clients who have entered Effie cases within the last 3 years. The entry can be for a client organisation or a specific brand. The entry should be jointly submitted by the advertiser and the agency/agencies.



Gold, Silver and Bronze Effie trophies can be awarded in each category at the discretion of the judges. Awards may not be given in all categories.

A. Retail/Etail - Sponsored by THINK TV

B. Food, Confectionery & Snacks - Sponsored by FACEBOOK

C. Beverages – Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

D. Other Consumer Goods

Includes motor vehicles, appliances, cameras, computers, household, personal care, fashion, pet care etc

E. Health and Well-being - Sponsored by 

F. Financial Services 

G. Other Services - Sponsored by SHOOTSTA

Includes Insurance, telecommunications and any consumer or business service apart from financial

H. Travel, Leisure & Media

I.  Government

J. Not for Profit and Cause Related Marketing - Sponsored by UN LTD

K. Best State Campaign

The most effective campaigns that ran only in one (or, at most, two) States, produced by an agency from one of those States.

L. PR-Led Campaign

A PR-led campaign where unpaid earned activity was the primary driver of the result. These campaigns might use other channels but must demonstrate that the PR idea was at the core of the campaign.

M. Return on Investment - Sponsored by THINK TV

Campaigns that most convincingly demonstrate a profitable investment return on the marketing money used (not necessarily the largest benefit). (Please refer to the note on how to calculate ROI with your entry form)

N. Long Term Effects - Sponsored by HOURIGAN INTERNATIONAL

Entries into this category must demonstrate sustained success oer a minimum of 2 years plus a full 12 month baseline data to provide a year-on-year comparison. The final date for eligible data must be between December 2015 and March 2017.  There is no restriction on the start date of the campaign. Duartion of the campaign is not important - but duration of effect is.  The creative expression is notrestricted to one idea but the campaign must have a primary objective and a consistent or evolving strategy. There may be supplementary objectives along the way.  All Long Term Effects entries will be judged in round 2.

O. Short Term Effects

Activation campaigns that may take effect over one day, or up to four weeks. Maximum of 3 months data permitted.

P. Most Original Thinking - Sponsored by FACEBOOK

Campaigns that made judges think “I wish I’d thought of that” – whether this be in insight, strategy, content, media use or measurement technique. Campaigns must demonstrate effectiveness.

Q. New Product or Service - Sponsored by DISPLAYGROUND

The most effective campaigns for a new product or service launched during the two years preceding the call for entries (1 April 2015 - 31 March 2017)

R. Small Budget

The most effective campaigns on a total budget of under $500,000.

S. Digitally Led Ideas

This category is for campaigns that have a digital or technological idea at the heart.These campaigns might use other channels, including main-stream media, but must demonstrate that the digital or technological idea was the catalyst for the campaign and without it the campaign could not work. This category can also include purpose built digital platforms for marketing communications or commercial activity which are not one-off campaigns. The entry must provide a minimum of 6 months data that clearly demonstrates the in-market results.

T. Insight & Strategic Thinking - Sponsored by HOURIGAN INTERNATIONAL

The campaign that showed the greatest insights and strategic thinking that led to the communications idea and achieved the marketing objectives.

U. On-Line Brands

Open to brands or services in any category that only exist on-line.

V. Use of Data

Use of data to develop insights, target consumers and demonstrate results.

W. Marketing Solutions other than Communications - Sponsored by HOURIGAN INTERNATIONAL

How the core solution to the marketing challenge helped a business to grow or overcome barriers using marketing levers other than communications e.g. product, pricing, distribution or innovation.

X. Media-Led Idea

Media cannot exist without content, but this award is intended to recognise those cases that were led by the media thinking, and would not have been successful without the strategic media idea.

Y. Media Partnership Activation

Winners of this award will represent those advertisers and media partners that knew exactly where and how to connect with their audience via the assets of a media company.